Monday, 26 December 2011

First Time Blogging !

Hello , my name is dg nur syafiqah bt ag momin . i'm 15 years old . i was born on year 1996 . i live in Malaysia , sabah ,  papar . my birthday date is at 18 September 1996 . i thnk i'm too young to have my own blog . haha ! by the way , i creating a blog because i want to share my life story with u all blogger . even though my english is BROKEN , i hope u all understand what i'm trying to say .. this is my second blog . actually , i have two blog but the first one i was forgot the password tha's why i can't open it .. clumsy yaa me .. =p haha !
i want to introduce my self to u all blogger . even though , i was NEW in this blogger website , i think i have already know how to use this blog properly . blog is a website that is same like our diary . we can post anything we want . even our LOVE story , HAPPY story , SAD storry and more . but , this DIARY is more special we can share our story with averyone . haha ! not a SECRET anymore . okeii , i have to off my finger from typing many latter .. haha ! okeii , if u want to share ur blog to me and also want me to follow your blog , just sent me ur link at my facebook '' c'babypeykachu '' or want to know more about my life story , just follow me .. =)


  1. selamat umur 15 tahun dh terer blog..sgt kagum hehehe..abg umur 18 baru kenal komputer hehe

  2. haha ! mna da terer , sya bru dlam dunia blog ni . haha ! mmg la , zaman dah moden kn ? haha !